Bus Stop Etiquette

DC Montreal has me to get my readers to vote and voice their opinion on this particular bus etiquette conundrum.

DCMontreal: Blowing the Whistle on Society

Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say
Please share my umbrella
Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows
Under my umbrella

– The Hollies

Here’s a little bus stop conundrum that I ponder from time to time. Picture this: it’s a very cold/snowy/rainy day. You arrive at your bus stop only to realize you have just missed the bus.  You check the posted schedule and learn that the next bus is due in ten minutes. You decide to seek shelter from the lousy weather in a building lobby mere steps from the stop. During the next few minutes several others also take refuge in doorways or under nearby trees. With five minutes to go before the scheduled arrival of the bus, other commuters show up, but they stay at the bus stop sign instead of getting out of the miserable conditions. A line starts to grow at the…

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