Watch who you piss off on the bus

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One night, last year, after I got home from work, my mother called me all in a panic and asked if I was alright. I said, yes I am good, why do you ask?

She, then, tells me that she was watching the news and heard that there was a stabbing on the bus that I take. She was worried because I do have a tendency to point out to people when they cut in the line and their other little infractions.

I go turn on the news and sure enough, 2 women got into an argument on the bus and one of the them went ballistic and stabbed the other. I have no clue what they could have been arguing about that ended up in a stabbing. (geez, I really hope she did not get stabbed for pointing out to someone that they had cut in the line) The two women did not know each other.

Anyway, the bus made it to the subway (I guess no one interfered), the stabber ran away and the stabbee collapsed and was brought to the hospital.

They had posted a few photos of the stabber, but she was never caught.

Moral of the story : be careful of who you piss off on the bus

PS(yes, I took those photos the next morning, I do have a bit of a morbid side)

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