Photography 101 : Red

Focus on one color this weekend: take your camera everywhere you go, and see what you can find. Then, select your favorites from your shoot and publish a gallery.

For this, I decided to go with red as it is not a color that I usually take photos of.

Hope you enjoy my shots and have a great rest of the weekend.

Little Bursts of Red: Photo of the Day — September 14th, 2014


Red light and green light: the difference

Good evening boys and girls, today, we are going to learn the difference between a green light and a red light.

Here is a green light:

green light

When you see this light, you may cross the street. (of course look both ways before crossing)

Here is a red light:

red light

When you see this light, you may NOT cross the street.

If you decide to, do ensure to look both ways, so that before you start crossing you can see the city bus that is barreling towards your ignorant butt and is about to run you down. As well(I cannot stress this enough), for your own safety, do not have your damn headphones so loud that you cannot hear that the bus driver is honking at you like a mad man for you to move out of the way before he hits you. Of course, the bus driver had to slam on the breaks and we all went flying because of your ignorant self.

That is today’s lesson.

(if you get queasy over reading about gross things, do not read any further)

On another note, someone tossed their cookies in the bus shelter sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. It is now over 2 1/2/ days later and the “cookies” remain. Ugh.