Photography 101 : Wrap up

Wow, I cannot believe we are done with this. I hope we have another one soon.

I had a lot of fun this course and saw some amazing work from other photographers.

To those of you who completed the Photo 101 course: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Last challenge:

Browse your collection of shots from the course, select up to ten favorites, and publish a wrap-up post with a gallery.

Photography 101: Triumph

Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.

For me triumph means getting some great shots at the Fireworks Festival; got lots of not so great shots too, but I am focusing on the positive.

Photography 101: Double

Today, you and your camera are seeing double.

Photography 101: Edge

Today is all about straight edges, and tweaking your image to ensure your lines are perfectly positioned.

Photography 101 : Glass

Incorporate a form of glass into your image to add a layer of complexity.

Photography 101 : Treasure

Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close.


Photography 101 : Red

Focus on one color this weekend: take your camera everywhere you go, and see what you can find. Then, select your favorites from your shoot and publish a gallery.

For this, I decided to go with red as it is not a color that I usually take photos of.

Hope you enjoy my shots and have a great rest of the weekend.

Photo 101 — Landscape

It’s a big world out there! Show us what you see in a landscape.


Photography 101 – Swarm

It’s a swarm! Show us something that overruns your scene, but observe and compose carefully before you click the shutter.


Photography 101 – Moment

Capture a fleeting moment and experiment with blur and movement.