Don’t be THAT guy


Don’t be that guy
that keeps a woman
waiting while talking
to another woman

Don’t be that guy
that cancels plans
at the last minute
with some lame excuse

Don’t be that guy
that waits until 5 p.m. Saturday
to call and make plans
for the same night

Don’t be that guy
that is always late

Don’t be that guy
who takes a
good woman’s love
for granted

Don’t be that guy
that toys
a woman’s emotions

Don’t be that guy
who stands a woman up
because he is too drunk
to show up

Don’t be that guy
who lies
about his
relationship status

Don’t be that guy
who lies
to get
what he wants

Don’t be that guy
who says one thing
and does another

Don’t be that guy
who dismisses
his woman’s

Don’t be that guy
who is not willing
to put in the work
that gets him the girl

Dont be that guy
who puts his
emotional baggage from previous women
onto the new one

Plain and simple: just don’t be that guy

Happy Endings

Thanks to the moron who had his backpack pressed up on my kidneys on the bus, myself and the bus driver almost had a happy ending to our bus ride this morning.

Happy Endings

In other news, the bus was so packed this morning, I think I might be pregnant , not sure yet, will need to wait a couple of weeks to find out. Will keep you posted.

And the winner is :

Here are the results from yesterday’s poll :

Fullscreen capture 1292013 81732 PM

Precious Princess won by a slight margin. Thanks to all who voted.

She was on the subway again this morning ….


Winter: Public Transit Etiquette Reminder

Howdy folks,

As winter is starting here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it would be appropriate to go over a few etiquette rules.


For starters, move to the back of the bus. No one wants to be waiting for the bus on a blistery cold morning, only to have the bus drive right past you with the back of it empty. You aren’t the only one who rides the bus who does not like waiting in the cold. For a change, think of someone other than yourself.


Secondly, don’t put your feet up on the seats.(this is applicable year round) No one wants to sit where your wet feet have been. Nothing worse than getting to work and realizing that your coat is filthy because of some ignoramus who thinks that they are sitting on a lazy boy while riding public transit.

Shout out

Shout out

I would like to give a shout out to this morning’s bus driver for driving very slowly through the rain puddles so as to not splash those of us waiting for the bus 🙂

It’s much appreciated.


Dry passenger

Sunday Edition of Canada’s Most Wanted backpacks

Hi all,

Here is the latest edition of Canada’s Most Wanted Backpacks :














If you belong to one of these backpacks, stop being a jerk and remove the bloody thing so that you don’t hit people in the face with it or block the way for those of us who actually go to the back of the bus.

Moron of the week # 4


To the idiot driver who was in the bus lane during the time when you weren’t supposed to be (rush hour); you have been awarded the moron of the week award.

Which part of bus lane did you not understand?

moron of the week award

For the love of god, please control your child # 3.1

The family mentioned in this post : for the love of god, please control your child # 3 was on the subway this morning.

I’m sad to report that his behavior has not improved; it was actually worse than last time.

At one point, he was kicking the seat so hard that everyone in the car turned around to look at him and his mom.

He also was punching his older sister hard.

Then, he proceeded to take the subway newspaper he had in hands and rip to shreds.

What a way to start a day !! When they got ready to leave the car, I was tempted to start clapping.

Annoying kid

Annoying kid1

Bad manners have no age limit

it's not just the kids

Saw this woman yesterday. Subway is full, people are looking for seats and this woman would not move her shopping bag. She even resorted to faux sleeping to ignore the looks she was getting.

Unless your shopping bag has it’s own bus pass, move it, so someone who actually paid to take the subway can get a seat.

What is wrong with this photo?

Ugh, is all I can say for this one.

What is wrong with this image