Dreamy in Cuba

I just love daydreaming while sitting on the beach.

Silhouettes found on vacation

sil·hou·ette noun \ˌsi-lə-ˈwet\
: a dark shape in front of a light background

: a picture of something showing it as a dark shape on a light background; especially : such a picture showing a person’s face from the side

: the shape or outline of something



Cartagena (5)


Throwback Thursday — Cuba 2001


I cannot believe that it has been over 13 years since that trip. Time flies. Yikes.

Throwback Thursday : June 12th, 2014

Cuba 2003

Cuba 2003

Split Second

Good Saturday to all,

This week’s challenge is about capturing an image that tells a full story in a single frame.


25 Days, 25 Songs — Day 19

Day 19 — The first song alphabetically in your iPod.

Twin Daddy’s challenge can be found here: 25 Days. 25 Songs.


25 Days, 25 Songs — Day 16

Day 16 — A song that makes you cry

Twin Daddy’s challenge can be found here: 25 Days, 25 Songs.

This category was pretty easy for me as an emotional person; I have been known to cry watching commercials, episodes of the Golden Girls or anything with a minor sap value. I mercilessly get teased about this.

I chose two songs for this challenge one in Spanish and one in English (this is so Twin Daddy does not yell at me for posting yet another song that he does not understand — haha)

Yolanda — I wish someone would write me a love song like this one

Jar of Hearts — Kind of relates to my current life situation

Wordless Wednesday : Morning Edition


Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

Greetings from the frozen tundra.

Today’s prompt can be found here: Mr. Sandman.

Perfect spot for a nap.

Perfect spot for a nap.