Thursday’s Doors (4/12/2014)

Antigua, Guatemala (17)

Central American Silhouettes

the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.

Antigua, Guatemala (view from the hotel roof) (14)

Cathedral Antigua, Guatemala (2)

Sunset Ometepe, NA (13)

Sunset San Juan Del Sur, NA (6)

Sundays Stills: Gateways


Antigua, Guatemala (19)-001

Antigua, Guatemala (20)

Black & White Monday — View from the rooftop

Antigua, Guatemala (view from the hotel roof) (4)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

thresh·old (thrĕsh′ōld′, -hōld′)
1. A piece of wood or stone placed beneath a door; a doorsill.

2. An entrance or a doorway.

3. The place or point of beginning; the outset.

4. The point that must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to elicit a response: a low threshold of pain.

Antigua, Guatemala (19)

Calle in Granada, NA-001

Catholic Church Copan Honduras (2)

San Antonio, Guatemala (3)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life — Central American Style

Good Saturday to all,

Here is my take on street life.

Fruit stand Granada, NA-001

Guatemala City (6)-001

Panajachel, Guatemala (19)-001

Parque Central, Antigua, Guatemala (6)

Santiago, Guatemala (8)

Street Vendor -- Antigua, Guatemala

View from my Room,Panajachel, Guatemala

Happy Post Challenge: Women

This week’s Happy Post Challenge is women.

Cemetery, Granada, NA (13)-001

Fruit stand Granada, NA-001

Nun Invasion, Antigua, Guatemala

Parque Central Antigua, Guatemala

Santiago, Guatemala (8)

Daily Prompt: Always something there to remind me

Today’s prompt can be found here: always something there to remind me.

Sunset: Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala (view from the hotel roof) (14)

Ese’s Shoot and Quote Challenge: Diversity

This week’s challenge can be found here: Diversity.

“Isn’t it amazing that we are all made in God’s image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people?”

— Desmond Tutu
Fruit stand Granada, NA

Panajachel, Guatemala (19)

Parque Central, Granada, NA (5)

Street Vendor -- Antigua, Guatemala

Waiting for the bus to Managua, NA (2)

Lisbon (3)-001

Malaga (6)-002

Jesus Panajachel, Guatemala (18)