Something about moi

Just a girl born in Quebec City and have been living in Montreal since I was a toddler.

I am a full time cube occupier by day, part-time blogger and amateur photographer by night.

I love to travel and explore new places.

I have a BA in Sociology which goes a long way in explaining my fascination with how people behave in society.

My interests are:

– photography
– food
– fashion
– make up
– travel

I’ll be blogging about those topics and many others.

Thanks for visiting.

153 thoughts on “Something about moi

  1. One of my favourite sandwiches is Montreal smoked meat. I don’t have it often, so it’s always a treat. You offer fascinating insights on your blog site. I too am interested in people and what makes them think the way they do. As a survivor of child abuse from my schizo affective father, I developed a keen interest in the way our minds work and how I can be the best counsellor to the abused.

    Thanks for following me and liking what you see:)

    Have a beautiful week ahead!


  2. I read your poem “Hurricane” posted by We Drink Because We’re Poets and I absolutely love it! I can totally relate. Keep up the great poetry. Btw, I’ve visited Montreal twice and I adore that city!

  3. Hi! Since we are both “Montreal Girls” would you happen to have a Facebook or a way to keep in touch?
    I don’t mean to be Intrusive or anything though! πŸ™‚

  4. Salut! I was wondering if I could do a little feature on your blog? It would be part of my ‘Pay it Forward’ feature. If you’re not interested, no worries. Just let me know! Merci!

  5. Hey!

    Just stopping by to say, hope you’re too busy to blog or taking a long break. Missing the photo fun and tweeting and such.

    Hope everything is good for you. Followed by email so I’ll be sure and know when you start back up πŸ™‚

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