Winter Wonderland in Montreal

Hi all, I hope life is treating you all well.

We had our irst snowstorm yesterday and as much as I complain about winter; it sure is a photographer’s dream.

Here are some shots I took earlier this morning while on my coffee run.

7 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland in Montreal

  1. Love it! This is the time of year I start craving snow – having grown up in the winter wonderland of Michigan, but now relegated to the grey-er world of New Jersey. We had a dusting yesterday, most of which did not stick – but on our walk to school this morning my children discovered each and every magical place the snow had stayed behind.

    • Thank you. If you would like some snow I can ship it to Jersey !

      As much as I don’t like winter, it sure makes for nice photos 🙂

      I love that your kids were able to find the snow.

      Have a good weekend.

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