An Evening at Montreal’s Botanical Gardens

Last week, after a hard day’s work, J. & I set off to go see the Lanterns at Montreal’s Botanical Gardens. I had no idea what to expect as I had not been there since high school and was not particularly interested in those things at that time.

It was a beautiful warm fall night and we had a lot of fun. The Japanese Gardens were a little bit creepy; of course, the kid who kept howling like a werewolf did not help the situation at all.

In all, I took over 235 photos. I won’t bore them with you all, so, below are some of my favorites.

The lovely boats:




Pumpkin patch:

Hope you enjoyed the photos !

Getting there & cost:

I highly recommend taking the subway to get there. Take the Green Line direction Honore Beaugrand and get off at Pie IX station.

The cost is $ 15 if you are a Quebec resident and $ 11 if you have an Access Montreal card.

10 thoughts on “An Evening at Montreal’s Botanical Gardens

  1. Some nice shots. 🙂
    We found the Japanese gardens a little less eye catching, and definitely spookier.
    If they do it again next fall we go earlier and make sure to check out the insectarium as well.

  2. I love this! The photos of the boats turned out great. The boats along with the traditional lanterns were my favourites to see.

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