Texture found in Nicaragua

Texture may refer to:

1 Science and technology

Surface finish also known as surface texture
Texture (roads), road surface characteristics with waves shorter than road roughness
Texture (cosmology), theoretical topological defect in the structure of spacetime
Texture (crystalline), material’s individual crystallites sharing some degree of orientation
Texture (geology), physical appearance or character of a rock
Texture mapping, bitmap image applied to a surface in computer graphics
Soil texture, relative proportion of grain sizes of a soil

Beach San Juan Del Sur (6)-001

Boat Ride San Juan Del Sur (13)-001

Colorful Crab San Juan Del Sur-001

Church in Granada, NA (3)

One thought on “Texture found in Nicaragua

  1. All great photos but my fav is the one of the little crab amidst the footprint impressions – too cute and so full of different textures (especially the foaming water – niceness)! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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