Explosive Summer Lovin’

Good Sunday morning to all,

Last night, I went out with some friends to catch the fireworks under the Jacques-Cartier bridge. This is part of the International Fireworks competition that is held every summer in Montreal.

Next week is the last show and promises to a be a good one: Tribute to Pink Floyd. If you are in Montreal next Saturday try and go see these, you won’t be disappointed. They start at 10:00 PM on the dot and last around 30 minutes.

Yesterday was Australia’s turn and they put on one hell of a good show. I managed to take about 467 photos last night and cursed myself for not bringing a new memory card with me as I ended up running out of room just in time for the big finale. I won’t be making that mistake next week.










10 thoughts on “Explosive Summer Lovin’

  1. I love getting to “hear” your voice as well as see the beautiful phtoos you capture! Thanks for sharing such an amazing event with us. Hmmm, Montreal is sounding more and more like a place I ought to visit. The tourism department should be sending you kick-backs.

  2. What an amazing set of photos! Truly beautiful and I am certain there would be few who saw them and did not wish they were there to see the fireworks in person 🙂

  3. Nice! And yet again you remind me that I should get out more and enjoy everything we have in our fair city, and not forget to bring my camera along 😉

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