Clinique Haul

So the other day on my lunch break I suddenly found myself at the Clinique counter in Ogilvy’s. I have no clue how I ended up there; I swear it was body snatchers or something like that.

While waiting to be served, something caught my eye. I was intrigued; only good things could be in this box.


It was finally my turn and I inquired about the box & it’s contents; the second I saw the eye shadow quad; it was over and I knew that the box would be purchased faster that you can say Clinique.

The eye shawdow Quad: retails for $ 35


Chubby Stick Plushed Punch: retails for $ 19

High Impact Mascara (one of my favs): retails for $ 19

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief: Retails for $ 21

Nail Polish — Sweet Tooth : Retails for $ 14


Total of the haul: $ 108
Retail Price for the box : $ 47.00 Canadian

La Maison Ogilvy


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