Travel Theme : Shine

Good Saturday to all,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. I seem to have caught a summer cold, so I’ll be inside resting all day.

This week’s theme is shine.







11 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Shine

      • I think a lot of it has to do with the air. We had so much pollen in the air during the spring, weather forecasters were calling it a “pollen vortex”, lol:) So, with all that pollen, i would imagine it is much harder to get rid of a cold. Hope you get better soon 🙂

      • Yes, another vortex. Mind you, they can barely get the daily weather right, so i am not going to buy into it, lol. Good that you are no worse. Hopefully 100% by the end of the week. Keep taking the great photos 🙂

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