An Enchanted Afternoon: Tea Time at Ritz Carleton (in photos)

A few weeks back myself and a couple of friends decided to treat ourselves, for our respective birthdays, to Tea Time at the Ritz and what an afternoon it was.


From the second we walked in, I knew we were going to be in for quite an opulent experience.



We were immediately brought to our table while we waited for the rest of our party to show up.


You can either order a la carte or order the Afternoon tea which consists of the following:

Finger sandwiches

Cucumber and cream cheese on white bread
Smoked salmon and cream cheese on brown bread
Chicken breast, truffle mayonnaise on white bread
Tomatoes and watercress on brown bread

Cranberry and plain scones, Devonshire style cream, rose jam and orange marmalade

Pastry Chef’s creations

We went the Afternoon Tea and were not disappointed.


We were advised to eat the sandwiches first as the bread contains no artificial products.


Scones: these had to be the best scones that I have ever had. The jams and devonshire cream were just the touch to go along with them.





I would be remiss if I did not mention our waiter: Thomas. He just made our whole experience that much better.

We really enjoyed our Afternoon Tea and we would do it again. It’s a little pricey, but every now and again a woman deserves a princess afternoon.


8 thoughts on “An Enchanted Afternoon: Tea Time at Ritz Carleton (in photos)

  1. Nice. I’ve always wondered if afternoon tea was strictly a ladies’ thing or do men do this as well? As in, Is this something I can take my wife to, or will I get strange looks for being the only man in the room? I guess dress code would be semi-formal?

  2. Spiffing! My last one included a complimentary glass of champagne which went down a treat with the dainty sandwiches and way too many cakes. Love the whole experience. Mine wasn’t at the Ritz right enough. Didn’t you feel it was a little decadent but in a genteel kinda way…or was that just me? 😉

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