La Campagnola: Restaurant Review

Last night, my colleagues and I went out to dinner at La Campagnola in Ville Lasalle.

One of my colleagues is a regular at this restaurant and after last night, I understand why. I had no idea that everything is made in house: meats, breads, cold cuts, etc. As well, it’s a bring your own wine place, which I know Montrealers love.


I was the first one to show up and am immediately seated. While, I waited, I took in the wonderful aromas of place.

The rest of the group arrived and we began going over the menu. Everything looked so good, it took us forever to decide what to order.

After our orders had been taken, we get surprised with some free entrees to go along with the wonderful warm bread that had been brought to the table.

First was the bruschetta: A lovely combination of tomato, mango, grated parmesan and prosciutto. Not your usual combination, but it worked well.


Next was the capicollo: I would have eaten the whole platter and I am not really a cold cut person.


Next came the entrees: Grilled sausage that is made in house. This was to die for.


At the point where I was about to burst, our meals are brought to us.

I ordered the linguine with shrimp, garlic, oil and arugula.



While this was very delicious, I found that there was too much arugula for my taste. I only at a bit of this lovely meal and requested the rest to go.

My companions and I proceeded to chat for quite a while and then the “devil” showed up with this. (All homemade)


After doing some serious soul searching, I decided to order the cannoli. Somehow, my stomach seemed to have made some room for it 😉



These were just delightful and surprisingly light.

I highly recommend the place andI look forward to going back. The food was A1 and the service was excellent.



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