Saturday Funny

This video had in me tears. You have to admire his tenacity. I think we have a future lawyer on our hands.

Thanks to @tribestwelve for sharing this.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Funny

  1. On the positive side, here we have a child, and a very young one by the looks of him, who is learning to assert himself and looking for reasoning behind rules. Why does everything in the home belong to mum?! He is querying the world around him. He’s articulate for a child his age.
    And, at some point, maybe when this video ended, mum got down on her knees and looked him square in the eyes and told him what’s what!
    Very funny. I don’t know why anyone would want to criricise his parents. If he’s going to learn to reason the home is the best place to do it. A lawyer indeed. Or a worthy political adversary. 🙂 x

    • I was reading more comments. all we see is a 2 minute clip and everyone is commenting about bad parenting and how the kid is rude, etc.

      He is a bilingual child who can assert himself without throwing a temper tantrum and he just wants his cupcake lol


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