Beauty Box 5 January 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get a yearly subscripton of Beauty Box 5. If you subscribed before the end of January, you got the January 2014 box for free. This is a good deal for me because I often buy full sized products that end up on the shelf or the garbage because I end up having some kind of reaction to it. Oh the joy of having skin problems and living in the frozen tundra.

Found this in my mailbox (glad it’s small enough to fit, I was worried about having to do post office treks)
Nifty explanatory card about what’s in the box
The box
I need these very badly … Thank you winter
Used this already and my poor dry hands did not feel like they were on fire as they do with most hand creams I have used (smells very nice too). This cream has worked miracles on my dry, cracked hands.
Used it once, will save this for my travel kit
Being a lip balm addict, I really do appreciate this natural product
Put this on my cuticles a few times this week and have seen a noticeable difference.
Cute little compact mirror that is already in my purse (always seem to misplace mine)

All in all a great deal; works out to about $ 9.00 a month.

February Beauty Box has arrived, will be blogging about it later on in the week.


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