Good Sunday to all,

Having just passed my one year anniversary, I have decided to make some changes to my blog. I was starting to find my topic too limiting and there were often times when I wanted to blog about other things, but could not. Keeping that in mind, as of tonight: Chronicles of a Public Transit User will no longer exist and will be updated with a new name and new address.

My new blog will be called That Montreal Girl.

I want to thank all of my fellow bloggers for their continued support throughout the year and I hope that you will follow me to my new home.

PS(I’ll still post funny photos from my public transit adventures)


18 thoughts on “Change

  1. I will definitely follow you, just wanted to tell you that you can change the name (url) of this blog as well if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LOL. I just entered descriptions for the blogs on my blogroll about a week ago. Under yours, I wrote something to the effect of “It used to be… but now it’s…”

  3. Change is good .. I look forward to seeing the new you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love your new name!!
    May your horizons be infinite as you journey along a new path …

  4. I like the change! Some folk go off and start a completely different blog (embarrassing look in the mirror), while others do the sensible thing and just make the old thing new. Cool stuff!

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