Moron of the week: you decide

Here are this week’s nominees for the moron of the week award.

The poll is open for 24 hours; please vote ๐Ÿ™‚

Space Taker:

Taking up 2 seats while reading his paper.  Thinks he is at home.

Taking up 2 seats while reading his paper: Thinks he is at home.

Precious Princess:

Precious princess: taking up 3 seats with her crap

Precious princess: taking up 3 seats with her crap: Thinks only of herself


41 thoughts on “Moron of the week: you decide

  1. Had to vote for the princess. She got caught and her face is on the internet. On the other hand, Space Taker’s crotch doesn’t narrow things down much.

  2. Maybe the transit system should require payment for each seat taken, like the Airline does. If you take more than one seat, then you pay twice the price and with camera’s they can always snap your photos and send you a ticket in the mail. I think that could be worked out with a little tweaking. : )

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  4. How could the princess fit all her stuff into the space for just one human? How could she transport her stuff without carrying it on public transit? As someone who rode transit in Seattle for years, I know how hard it is to carry a lot of stuff on the bus, by necessity, and would have been glad to ride at a quiet time when there might be an extra seat. So…I would vote for the other passenger (but saw this after the voting had been done).

    • I understand what you are saying however, she is taking up 3 seats that paying passengers have the right to. As well preventing elderly people from sitting down. My parents taught me to give up my seat for people older than me. My mom is 80 years old and I would like to think that if she was on the subway, someone would give up their seat for her.

      When I have too much stuff, I put it on the floor between my feet. No big deal.

      • She had a lot of stuff. I have had to carry more stuff on the bus than would fit between my feet. I once had to apologetically carry home on the bus a single wide foam sleeping pad. It was a challenge, as you can imagine, but I needed it and had no friends with vehicles. Fortunately the other riders were kind about it, or so I remember over 35 years later.

        I have sat on a bus just like that girl and if someone got on board who needed the seat then I would pile all my bags into my own space as much as possible. But why be uncomfortable when extra seats are temporarily available?

        I am not trying to pester you into saying you were mistaken in your judgement of this girl. Just that at one long and rather poor stretch in my life I quite possibly was this girl.

      • I hear you, I have been taking public transit for over 30 years and I have carried lots of crap with me.

        The thing is when other people got on, she would not move her stuff. That was my beef.

        As I mentioned in my previous response, if my mother was on that subway and had to stand because of her, I would be seriously ticked off.

        Have a great day:)

      • Now that is a different kettle of fish. The seats were pretty empty in the pic. Not moving stuff when people get on the bus is quite different.

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