Winter: Public Transit Etiquette Reminder

Howdy folks,

As winter is starting here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it would be appropriate to go over a few etiquette rules.


For starters, move to the back of the bus. No one wants to be waiting for the bus on a blistery cold morning, only to have the bus drive right past you with the back of it empty. You aren’t the only one who rides the bus who does not like waiting in the cold. For a change, think of someone other than yourself.


Secondly, don’t put your feet up on the seats.(this is applicable year round) No one wants to sit where your wet feet have been. Nothing worse than getting to work and realizing that your coat is filthy because of some ignoramus who thinks that they are sitting on a lazy boy while riding public transit.


8 thoughts on “Winter: Public Transit Etiquette Reminder

  1. I’m not sure I get it. If there are seats available, why can’t the bus stop? My favorite place on the bus was right in the middle near the exit door, but you don’t always get to choose.

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