Wordless Wednesday



21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Funny how you can put up a picture of a bus, make no comments, (wordless Wednesday), and get 35 people to “like” it! You are amazing!


      • Somehow I knew that would be your response! I violated Wordless Wednesday…yikes!

        Is there some sort of penalty? Hey, hope your work day was better.

        ttyl ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Is this like just your own thing or is it a nationwide Canadian deal?

        Hey, hope you hade a great day out there today! Talk to you later…


      • Really…guess we can learn something new at any point in life! I did have a fairly good day, but may be coming down with a cold!

        I never get sick!


      • It would be hard for me to practice a wordless day at any time! I don’t have to fill the air with words all the time, but to shut up for one full day…that’s hard to do!

        Thanks. I took some cold medicine yesterday. I think people just get better so that they won’t have to taste that stuff!

        Enjoy your day today, Sweetness. Do you observe the Thanksgiving holiday?


      • Thanks, I already feel better today! Can’t be sick…no time for it! My dad used to tell me that…

        Hope you had a better day, Sweetness. Enjoy your night, and try to sleep “straighter!”

      • Hope you got the day off today and/or tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday and we’ll talk again very soon. I always look forward to seeing your comments here!

        Clayton ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Humm…well, I guess you could start say…a “family day” and have a special meal with each other.

        (I like that “expression!”)


        Hey, hope you had a super day. Talk to you later…

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