Bad manners have no age limit

it's not just the kids

Saw this woman yesterday. Subway is full, people are looking for seats and this woman would not move her shopping bag. She even resorted to faux sleeping to ignore the looks she was getting.

Unless your shopping bag has it’s own bus pass, move it, so someone who actually paid to take the subway can get a seat.


38 thoughts on “Bad manners have no age limit

  1. Say, “Excuse me, but is this seat taken!” Then move the bag and sit down. If she talks back say “The voices are saying I should eat your shoe.” You probably will have the bench to yourself!

  2. it probably took more effort to go through the whole fake sleep scenario, than it would have taken to move the bag and share the space.

  3. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing, although most people move their bags if you make to sit down especially if there no where else to sit.

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