CTV News Attack on bus driver (Continuation on my previous post on this topic)

Attack on Winnipeg bus driver highlights concerns of Ottawa operators | CTV Ottawa News.

More on yesterday’s post.


12 thoughts on “CTV News Attack on bus driver (Continuation on my previous post on this topic)

  1. That’s a bit behind the times. I think our local buses have had cameras for a long time. Maybe they were just placebo cameras to make everyone think twice.

  2. This horrible kind of thing happens everyday in So. California! It’s a sad commentary on the trends in society.


      • Wow, the LAX shooting today is yet another thing which has become all too common…here and everywhere in big cities.

      • Well, people are very desperate for several reasons these days. They are also upset to no end with both our government and health care system.

        There’s a lot of bad going on in America these days.


      • I agree, and most of us do that, or at least deal with things. And while it is no excuse, still things have been bad in our economy and government since 2008.

        That’s a very long time. With each passing year that doesn’t have more “promise” or results, frustration builds. It becomes harder to see “the good” for a person who is jobless, homeless, without healthcare, and hungry…maybe for the very first time in their lives.

        Hey, I’m going to yet two other b-days today. So if I’ll be off line the rest of today and tomorrow. But I’ll look for the pleasure of your comments by Monday!

        Have a fantastic weekend.

        Clayton 😉

      • Back to it! I ate too much over the weekend…gained back a few pounds. However, it’s back to “work” and the diet!

        Enjoy your day, (and bus ride)…

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