On Saturday, I took the bus and anyone who lives in Montreal knows that there is construction all over the place and there is lots of traffic.

At one point, the bus took 25 minutes to go about 2 blocks. After that point, it was smooth sailing.

Later on, in the route, this woman got on the bus:


First thing out of her mouth: “You’re late” d’uh, as if the bus driver was not aware of that. He apologized and explained that he was doing the best he can, but, she was having none of that.

Then, she proceeded to take her sweet time putting money in the fare box. (thus causing more delay)

One would think that she would have put that extra 25 minutes of waiting time to get her change ready for when she got on the bus.

Some people.


13 thoughts on “ 101

    • Yep. So freaking ignorant. I really felt bad for the driver. I think people should have to pass some kind of transit test and have to show their card when they board.

  1. Well, at least she didn’t tell you all about herself…or did she? She sounds like a perfect candidate for learning to adjust her attitude! Some of us need it more than others…

    I’ll bet it’s a real interesting proposition to travel by “public transit!” Myself, I don’t know if I could do it. Of course, Californians do love the privacy of their own cars. Many buss lines run in very dangerous parts of LA and adjoining counties!

    Hang in there…
    Clayton 🙂

    • Ha, yes, at least she did not do that. It could be because I was glaring at her after her appalling behavior towards the bus driver.

      Public transit is not really feasible in your lovely state. San Francisco does not count.

      • Transportation is a nightmare most anywhere in Cali! And they wanted to try to put a “bullet train” from LA to SF right down the middle of the state!

        I may be positive about some things, and this is no exception. I’m positive that would be a real “train wreak!” (Sorry for the pun)…

        How come San Francisco doesn’t count?


      • I know, anytime, I have gone there, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you need a car.

        San Francisco is easy to navigate with public transit.

      • Well, those BART people are always complaining about their jobs. And SF does plan a train which will be a high-speed rail around the entire bay, from SF to San Jose and back…some day.

        Did I say I lived there for about 9 years back in the 1990’s? Whew, the rents are sky high! And forget any housing under $800,000 to a million dollars plus…

        But I will say the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay is beautiful.


      • Yeah, pretty but expensive! You pay for the climate and views.

        Of course, the computer companies pay well to very well, and of course, many are all over the Bay Area. Not sure if that drives up the housing prices, or they charge so much for housing because of the salaries.

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