# 2

When I got to the subway this morning, there were way too many people there, so I knew there was some sort of problem.

I went and asked the attendant in the booth if there was a problem. He advised me that the service was slow. I thanked him and advised him that I was going to take the bus that goes downtown and another subway station.

A guy comes up to me and asks me if he can follow me. I said no problem.

He then goes on to tell me about how he goes to visit his cousin once a month in Laval and proceeded to tell me his whole bus/subway/bus itinerary. While he is doing this I am asking myself why the hell I attract these people and why they feel compelled to tell me their whole freaking life story. He just would not shut up. I got rid of him by sitting in the remaining single seat left on the bus.


At least, he did not ask me to look at this ass πŸ˜‰


205 thoughts on “ # 2

  1. Ah, my dear, you have a certain “body language” or way of speaking or a look about you which encourages people to talk with you. You’re just an engaging type of person…nothing wrong with that!

    However, it can be bothersome when you aren’t ” in that mood!” You just gotta accept the fact that people like who you appear to be…(and probably are!)


    • thanks for the comment, I think it’s the lack of height, people feel “safe” talking to me lol.

      I don’t mind helping people, but after that, I don’t need their whole life story. Good topic for another post.

      Have a great day πŸ™‚

      • I agree. I’m one of those people like you. People of all sorts gravitate to me for whatever reason.

        Also like you, I’ve had to find opportunities to “get away” from those who go on and on about their life and complain about all kinds of things!

        People who are negative or overly “chatty” tend to wear others out. And yes, this is material for some sort of post! Go for it!

        Good to hear from you as always!

        Clayton πŸ™‚

      • Wow…really? It is amazing what some folks will tell a complete stranger! Those are things they wouldn’t tell a friend or a spouse!

        It takes all kinds…

        Talk to you later, have a super day (or night!)


      • Well, if your life goes anything like mine, or people like us, you’ll probably hear a lot more TMI.

        However, don’t let that change anything about you. The positive way to look at this is that you are a nice person, willing to let people talk to you.

        There aren’t enough people around like that! Hey, enjoy the day, and we’ll talk soon.

        Clayton πŸ™‚

      • I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and I told him I was going to change my demeanor and he just started laughing and he said that there is no way that someone would ever think of me as not friendly.

        Thank you for the compliment.

      • You friend is right. People like you and me are not going to change our ways. And we shouldn’t. There’s enough angry, impolite, and standoffish people already in society.

        Don’t be like them! Besides, many of those kinds of people want to be more like us. Don’t make changes to keep others at “arm’s length.”

        Just know you’re a “nice gal” type and roll with it!

        Better Days…

      • Sweetness, you can strike a balance between being nice to others while not allowing them to “take advantage” of you niceness.

        It may take some work to perfect this technique, but it can be done with grace and class. And when it is time to “turn away” a chatty person, don’t feel bad about it.

        You are a nice person to even be concerned about the feelings of others. Many others don’t exercise that much consideration!

        Enjoy the weekend.

        Clayton πŸ™‚

      • You are totally right; I am working hard on finding that balance at the moment.

        Have a good weekend too.

        I am off to my niece’s birthday party

      • Wow, those are fun! I just had a b-day party last week, and another one coming up In November. Kids parties are super fun, especially when you can get out and play the games, etc. with them!

        Have a fun time and we’ll talk next week…

      • Yep, those kids always wear me down too! Where do they get that energy??!!

        It’s so great to escape into their simple and sweet lives! I guess I’m just a big kid at heart myself…

        Enjoy the day “Sweet!”

        Clayton πŸ˜‰

      • I have no clue where they get it and they all want me at the same time. I love their innocence and sweetness. I keep reminding my 10 yrs old niece that she has to take care of me when I am in the old folks home and this week she reminded that she has school, so she can only do it on weekends. I promptly reminded her that she will be finished school by that time πŸ™‚

      • Yep, they always want their “favs” all at the same time! Like you, I can’t help but love the innocence and beautiful heart of a child!

        I have to admit, I have three children of my own…all sweet as could be as they were growing up. (Guess I’m an old man compared to you!)

        But people of every generation can love children…they never seem to change! (That’s cute about your niece.)

        Gosh, I had the biggest “crush” on my 4th grade teacher at about that age. That’s until she brought her husband to the classroom for an art project. I wound up the “crushed” one!

        Get your little niece to sign an agreement for your care! (lol)…


      • Yes, it’s too bad that my bro is Cali; I do miss my niece and nephew (2 & 3 yrs old)

        I don’t think I am as young as you think I am.

        Yes, she is my princess and every time I see her, she asks me if she is still my princess.

        I did not have any crushes on my teachers (they were mostly women).

        I already told her she signed the documents and they are stored in a safe place.

      • Smart lady! Trust and love are great, but so are written agreements sometimes on some issues…

        You know, they say people should never enter into a marriage with a “pre-nup” arrangement. Experts insist that it “sets up” the probability of failure in a union.

        I think I agree with the “sentiment” of that. Besides, a good lawyer says there are no “bullet proof” prenuptial agreements anyway.

        Not sure how that applies to anything we’re talking about, but just tossed it in there! And I’ll bet you are still a very young, spirited, and “young minded” lady!

        I understand about the teacher’s crush thing…but I’ll bet there was a special “young man” during your grade school years.

        Some girl, (maybe Peggy), told me in 3rd grade I was to be her new boyfriend. She then told me I had to bring her some jewelry every day or she’d dump me! Things lasted about a week and my mom ran out of stuff to give me for her.

        I wonder how her ways worked out for her in real life! Come to think of it, she was a tiny, feisty, type. But then, we all were kinda small at 8 yrs. old!

        Tag…you’re it!

      • I wouldn’t doubt it! I just hope she increased her expectations of the quality and value of her “loot!” Funny, I had another “ex” named Peggy with whom I shared two children…

        What is it with gals named Peggy?

        Wait, don’t tell me that your name is Peggy…or even Margaret! It isn’t, is it?

        Anyway, that’s years in the past now. But she still collects child support, but not for much longer, I hope. She has figured out how to manipulate the system pretty well…

        Well, we live and learn hopefully…

      • Not even close to Peggy or Margaret. Has five letters …

        Yes, she is probably getting alimony and what not.

        Stay away from anyone named Peggy (no offense to any Peggy that might read this)

      • It’s Julie! Or, Nicki. Linda…that’s it, huh! Oh, and I agree with the Peggy thing…also sorry to any Peggys too.


      • That’s not fair! You know my name…

        You must really be a private person. That’s fine, but sometimes it’s nice to open up a bit.

        I won’t push nor “lecture.” You wouldn’t appreciate either of those two things anyway.

        Sweetness it was, Sweetness it will stay…

      • Yes, but you have your name on your blog πŸ™‚

        You can call me Sweetness or by my blog/twitter nickname given to me by a fellow blogger.tweeter: Poof.

      • Okay…how about “Poof?” It is fitting for a “lady of mystery!”

        I’ll stick with Sweetness.

      • Also, you work on that balance but let it come in time. Don’t feel like you have to rush things…who needs that pressure!

        You’re a super person already, and will be even better over time because you want to improve!


      • True, I have enough pressure already. I’m working on a few things at the moment.

        Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated πŸ™‚

      • The compliment is well deserved! You have a sincere, good hearted nature about you, whether or not you like it. More people need to be like that…

        Just work on things in the best order you can. You are capable of a lot of good things, maybe more than you realize. Don’t loose that thought, nor your drive to reach goals.

        We can always talk about things as you go, if you’d like.

        Clayton πŸ™‚

      • Awww shucks, you made my day πŸ™‚

        Yes, I am trying hard not to lose my drive, it’s a day by day kind of thing with me.

        Thanks again for all your positive ideas.

      • Hey, are you kidding? You will never lose that drive! Write that on the back of your other hand before your shower!

        (Be sure to scrub your hands good, though…chuckle)


      • Hey, those “experts” say getting up earlier gets our minds “warmed up” faster so we get more done in a day, and do it more efficiently.

        I want to know how you do with writing on your “stronger” hand with your non-dominant hand. That’d be a sight to see I’ll bet. Think you could read what you wrote?

        By the way, that’s another good exercise for the brain…writing some with your non-dominant had. See, you’re up to your eyeballs in healthy ideas!


      • I have a hard enough time waking up these days: all dark and blah.

        I am ambidextrous so I can write with my left hand if I had to πŸ™‚ I do most things with my left and write with my right (say that 10 times fast)

        My brain is on over load πŸ™‚

      • Very impressive! Once in high school, I broke my right, (dominant), shoulder in football and had to try and learn to shoot the basketball left-handed in time for the season.

        It wasn’t pretty, but I got to be fair at it. Then the arm healed and I almost forgot how to shoot my normal jump shot!

        So much for being ambidextrous…

        I write with my right, I write with my right, I write with my rite, I rite with my write…no, wait…oh, forget it!


      • You don’t sound all mixed up. I know you believe you think you understand what I said, but I am not sure you heard what you believe you read…

        Try that one on for size, little lady!

      • Sorry…keep the conversation on the lite side in the AM! I wrote that during the evening in my time zone when I had been all warmed up for the day.

        Hope you have a great day! Talk to you “on the flip side.”

        Clayton πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

      • We all have those days too. I’m not one for “putting on a smile” if I really don’t feel like doing so. Sometimes, however, making yourself smile and “snapping out of it” can help to make things better.

        Again, it’s a choice…do you want to feel crummy or try and make for a better day? Many times, the decision start and end with you.

        Hope you have a great day, Sweetness.


      • We all have to be “us” at times. Wow…$60 bucks! You do love Halloween.

      • Oh, sorry. Guess a gal wants to look her best. Guys can spend some money for their things too!


      • I suppose that’s great advice which is more for the ladies than for the men, although, these days, who really knows!


      • So much of TV around the world fits that description! But when a show stinks in America, they just throw it to a cable network!

        Talk to you later…

      • What is a “telenovela?” Is that something like a TV mini-series? The networks here are trying novel based short series…(15 episodes instead of the normal 23.)

      • I guess that’s on the Canadian networks. We have a bunch of stuff on American TV from different sources, but oddly little from other countries.

        It’s interesting you like “soaps,” and even more that you like the drama in them!


      • I’m sure you can watch them on Spanish channels. It’s not that I like drama so much, it’s just over the top that it makes me laugh more than anything else.

      • I remember some of those BBC comedies from years ago that we’re so dumb they made me laugh. I don’t even know where to find the Spanish channels on our cable.

      • I love that…and agree with you completely! At times I get “dumb” people call me a knucklehead…I love it!

        I think they’re joking with me…


      • Acting silly is “good medicine!” That’s why I had my B-day party at a kids pizza place. I got to “hand out” with my grandkids, and play arcade games and act silly!

        I found it strange that some of my “in-laws” couldn’t understand why I’d want to do that. I thought is was strange they couldn’t understand it was more for the “kids” than for me…


      • Yep, me too. It was fun to get on stage and play an “air guitar” with several 6-8 year olds! I played “telephone” with the kids…you know, that’s where you whisper something in one kids ear, and they whisper it to the one next to them, and so on.

        It can be very funny when the last one reveals what they finally heard. It’s goofy, but it was one of several “B-day” games we played…

        Hey, hope your day was a great one today πŸ™‚

      • Ah, it’s a kind of roller coaster in my home these days. My wife just got laid off for the second time since 2009…(American economy is still very weak).

        I try to support her emotionally, but it’s hard on her…thus it’s hard on me.

        See, you just draw out information from people! Hope your day is better today…

      • I feel you on that. Just being there will help her. A lot of people don’t even have that.

        You are lucky I don’t charge πŸ˜‰ haha

      • Well, I’d pay “Lucy’s” rate on Charlie Brown…(5 cents is about all I can afford these days). πŸ™‚

        Yeah, my wife is an emotional mess. She doesn’t know how to relax without working. That sounds funny, eh!

      • haha, I’ll give you the friends and family discount.

        She probably feels useless. It’s not a nice feeling. My dad was like that: work, work, work.

      • My dad too. He was successful, but not really, as he died of a heart attack at 59. He never could just relax and enjoy his life. Loved the guy a lot, miss him greatly…

      • Still a young age. My dad passed in 1985…how long since your father passed away?

      • Funny how I seem to miss him and his “greatness” as a father and a man even more as I get older…

        Oh the “circle of life.”


      • (Big gulp)… He doesn’t answer does he? Kidding…

        I can understand that. I think of my dad so often. Funny in see how often he was right about some things as I encounter them myself in life…

      • Yeah, that’s such a sad thing. But he obviously still lives in your heart and soul. You still adore him and that’s what we can keep for our entire lifetime…

        (wiping the tear away)…


      • That’s very sweet…no wonder you are called “sweetness!” I wish I had that kind of love from my daughter. Her mom and I split when she was about 4 yrs. old.

        I stayed in her life, but by age 15, my “ex” had helped convince her to have no more to do with me. I had my faults in things, but I can’t get my daughter to forgive me.

        She’s away at college now in Florida and I have no contact at all with her…

        Sad 😦

      • Wow, that’s a great thing to say about someone. I don’t think my daughter will be saying that about me…

      • Yes they do and I hope this is one of those things which will change, maybe, someday. My daughter needs to “grow up” beyond her mother’s influence…and that will take a lot of growing. That goes for my younger son too.

      • You’re right. I couldn’t make her love me…and even if I could, that’s not the way I’d want it.

        I still think about her and pray for her almost every day. Kids, they can really break a parents heart sometimes, but you never give up on them.

      • Thanks, Sweetness. I think anyone who has a heart and has lived a little bit of this thing called “life” can identify with loss and sadness.

        I appreciate your comment…

      • I believe you have a pretty “tough skin” Sweetness. You seem to have a kind of direct approach to things…no nonsense for you.

        And yet, you like to be silly at times. You are a delightful enigma! Very private, yet willing to socialize. But everything on “your terms.”

        I’m getting your “bio” a bit and piece at a time…

      • Well, this profile can fit a good number of people. I know you were, (are), very close to your dad, and that plays into your personality makeup quite a bit.

        I’m still on “the case.” πŸ™‚

      • A new work place or home? Moves at work can be tiring, but moving your home is way out there!

        I have moved enough. The only other move I’d make would be to get out of California. But I won’t get that chance…at least as far as I can see.

        Kick off those shoes, grab a cold milk, and turn on a French soappie! You deserve it…

      • Is your company short people right now, or maybe laying off people? How is the Canadian economy anyway?

      • Can you send some advice to the white house and Obama! Send anything you can except for Toronto’s Mayor!


      • You may be right. He doesn’t listen to anybody except people who will vote for him!


      • Well, I like this “little Canadian!” But I would say you are right…Mr. Obama only worries about American votes…but not necessarily the voters!

      • What are you passionate about? Politics? Sports? Life goals? What is it that really gets your motor running?

      • Aw…a good bit of love for the “Arts” within you. That could mean you have a sensitive, and loving soul…kind of “tough” on the outside, (Napoleon-esque), but softer and more emotional on the inside.


      • Yeah, so you can have a superSaturday! Or Sunday…

        Enjoy whatever day it is up there!


      • I went to a site with the 100 most popular five letter names for young ladies…

        You are in trouble now!!


      • I tried the new reader…it is a bit more difficult, I’ll give you that! They moved the like and follow buttons around, as well as, the blog picture.

        Had an okay Friday…how was yours? Got college football Saturday, and the pros on Sunday! I’m set!!


      • I know, the old format was easier to follow. I would like to see them return to it!

        Hey…have a great time! May I ask if it’s yours, or a friend/family member?

        Do you work tomorrow? Not sure if you have a holiday for veterans of foreign wars…

        Hope you had a great weekend. Like it when you send comments:)

      • Indeed.

        Not my birthday, my aunt’s.

        Yes, I have to work tomorrow, on Federal employees get the day off.

        Weekend was good, hope your was too πŸ™‚

      • Guess Canada is much like the U.S. Mostly schools and Govt. employees get the day off here.

        Hope you had a good party. It’s nice to get together with some family, other’s are sometimes not so great. Hope you had the good group this time!

        Yea, watched my football. However, I don’t want to watch as much of it as I used to. For some reason, I like to break it up with some news, or a TV show, or some other activity.

        Sometimes I’d like to “check in” online here, but I think it bothers my family a bit. They start to feel I spend too much time on my site, but I enjoy it…

        Anyway, hope your day is good πŸ™‚ Hope to talk with you later on…

      • I am lucky with my family πŸ™‚

        I watched football on and off.

        The joys of living alone, no one to bug me if I am online too much lol

      • I have to admit, that sounds great. I do have to “watch” how much time I spend online due to other “considerations.”

        So you like a bit of football? American or Canadian? Or soccer? Favorite team?

        What would be very cool would be to have someone who likes to write online as much as I do.

        Ah…”if wishes were fishes, we’d all have our catch!”


      • So you do like football somewhat. Ah, that’s great. Do you have any hobbies which you like to do?


      • Okay, we have a couple of interests in common. Do you like any particular football team?

        I love blogging, watching movies, and would like to travel much more someday…

      • Da Bears and my Montreal Alouettes.

        My travel bucket list, somehow, seems to get longer rather than shorter. I blame the internet for that.

      • I don’t know the Montreal team, but the Bears aren’t too bad. But I don’t think they will quite get to the playoffs this year…

        :/ sorry…

        Lots of great looking places to visit on the web, no doubt!

      • That’s the great thing about sports! Anybody has a shot on any given Sunday…hey, that should be a movie..


      • I’ll bet we have a good deal in common. That is, except for the fact that I don’t even know your name, and you won’t tell me!!!

        Hey, your Bears won last Sunday. But Jay Cutler is out again with continuing injuries…not good.


      • Yeah, I think the Bears might make the playoffs. It depends on if they can win about 4-5 more games…

      • I’m a Broncos fan…looks like they may be playing New England in the snow Sunday night. Game time temps in the low 40 degrees…( 5.6 Celsius.)

        I always loved watching a “rain/snow” game…

  2. Some time ago British comedian Alexei Sayle had a hit song called β€œDidn’t you kill my brother” that he wrote for a friend like you who seemed to attract odd folks on public transit. In this case the friend was on the London Tube, he looked around for the nutter he knew would be there, but seeing none he relaxed only to have the sane looking fellow beside him turn and ask Hey, didn’t you kill my brother?

  3. We have this general area where people can smoke. I swear to lucifer, I can pass on a cig break just tp avoid a guy who BS talk all the time. He tells crazy stories which we all know he exaggerates all the time. I really just want to plug something in his mouth… Even just once to let him know. πŸ˜€

  4. Oh my so many comments…in my opinion, it’s because people are basically looking for someone who is open and above board, seems to be friendly, non invasive and generally happy. People are basically lonely and finding someone who looks like she good with the world attracts…hmmm…don’t know if I explained the concept well but basically it’s because you’re probablya person who smiles a lot and look the world in the eye.

  5. I think it’s more than just “material for the blog.” There’s a “helper” or something like that which is in your soul. In some way, you fill the need of some of these people to confess, or connect, etc. But they also fill a need within you…just an opinion.


      • I love the way you kinda of “spoon feed” information about yourself and your life…very cautiously! I respect that.

        I ran across a reader once on another blog who was much the same way. I never learned much about her, (if the person was a female), she valued her privacy very much. Yet she was attempting to promote a book she’d written…

        Oh well, I enjoy our little “bits” of conversation very much! I’ll talk with you later.

        Hope your day was great!

      • But if I guess something correctly about you or your life, would you confirm it?

        Like 5 letters in your name…(like I’m gonna get that one!)

      • Give me an “e” please…Alexus…

        Would you tell me if I do get a letter or two…or all five?

      • Why not? Give me two good reasons why you don’t want to tell me at least your first name…


      • Maybe I will trip you in the line for recess…

        I fight even harder when challenged! You’re the kind of person who, when I do get the name right, won’t be able to lie to me and deny it!

        You’re just too full of character for that.

      • Oh, I’ll bet I’m right about you. What’s more important, YOU know it even better than I do!


      • How do I even know you’ve told me the truth about a five-letter name? I don’t, huh! For all I know, you could be a “Wilomina” or “Scarlette” or something…

      • I’m beginning to believe you are right…I’m fighting a losing battle. In fact I’ve lost!


      • Nope…just a fleeting lapse in resolve! I am back on the case. I will find something out…you will finally share some things with me!


      • Oh wow…that’s very good! However, I will persist in my mission to know you better!


      • Yeah, it will be difficult. But I just want to get to know one of my very best “cyber friends” a bit better…

      • Can I ask a personal question? You don’t have to answer if it makes you too uncomfortable…

        Did you have a big romantic heartbreak in your life? Many people who have had that experience tend to “pull back” and become very guarded about themselves…

      • Sorry, Sweetness. It had to have hurt to “put yourself out there,” and then have things go badly. It does for most of us. I myself have been “burned” by others, we all have.

        But it may help to slowly learn more about a person, and then carefully begin to share some about your personal life, thoughts, and feelings.

        A major withdrawal from everybody may feel safe, or seem like it’s the right thing to do. But take it from me, I have done that myself and it only made things in my life lonely and more harsh.

        You have to decide to put yourself back out there, and to what degree you do so. But don’t “shut down” by shutting yourself off from others. You deprive people of knowing and fully appreciating who you are.

        I don’t want to sound like a “therapist” or something, and I don’t know you very well at all. But what I do know about you is that you seem to be a very loyal, loving, and interesting person. That something this world wants and needs much more of!


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