Bus Manners 101

If you are



for the


and then proceed to bash the crap out of the


to get the attention of the

bus driver

the least you can say to him when you board the bus after he waited for you is



(either is acceptable)

For this my “friend”, you have been given the Moron of the week Award

moron of the week award


4 thoughts on “Bus Manners 101

  1. I once hurt my hand after hitting the side of a bus, trying to catch the driver’s attention. It didn’t work, and my palm went red 😦

  2. I feel too embarrassed being late to slap the bus. I wish I had, if I’m running and see the driver’s face in the mirror as he starts off without me. Ugh, both ways!

    • Me too and it’s not like he was at the front of the bus when he did that, he bashed the windows in the middle, right where I was sitting.

      If you are at the door, then the bus driver is a moron 😉

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