For love of God, please control your child # 3

Ugh … Mother gets on subway with 2 children, one proceeds to kick the shit out of the metal part of the seat. After a few minutes of this, my PMS brain is about to explode, so I look over at the mother and glare. She tells him to stop. He did for maybe 20 seconds tops. Starts up again, I glare at her again, she tells him to stop. After, the third glare on my part, she stopped telling him to stop.

I swear to god; I love kids, I really do, but holy crap, who the hell needs to hear this racket non-stop for 20 minutes? I was in a PMS fueled homicidal rage by the time I got to my stop.

kids drum set

Why does this always seem to happen on a Monday?


17 thoughts on “For love of God, please control your child # 3

  1. i love your homicidal rage line ) sorry and at least tomorrow is tuesday. kids seem to have the most energy on monday, they’re going back out into the world after being home all weekend with the family

  2. I try to control my kids in public and I know they won’t behave on a train. That’s why I drive my glorious minivan- it’s like a traveling prison cell to keep them contained.

    • I know what you mean; but had that been with my mom — don’t want to think about it.. When we were kids there was always consequences to our misbehaving. Lol prison cell.

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  4. Weirdly, I see kids do this with parents who would never do it in school. Or would try it on once or twice.
    Lovely hearing The Bangles again. Manic Mondays definitely don’t make for a good start to the week. PMS apart. ;)x

      • Yup, mine too. And I’ve done the same with my own. Do it once then don’t do it again. I think some parents are afraid of public disapproval if they do chastise. But then they get disapproval if they don’t. Or they just don’t know what they’re doing. ;)x

      • I think she has no clue what she is doing (since this is twice I have encountered them). Probably has guilt from leaving the kids at daycare, but that still does not mean you can’t teach your kids on how to behave in public.

  5. I understand how annoying it could have been, but there is a very simple solution: move to another part of the metro car or move to another car. It never ceases to amaze me how people get so annoyed/frustrated with something; yet, they can move away from the situation, but don’t. In Toronto, they have the new metro cars that we are supposed to get. You can walk the full length of the train without getting off. Pretty nice.

    • I understand what you are saying, but the metro was pretty full limiting any movement. ( Especially with those who refuse to remove their backpacks.)

      At the same time, I fail to see why all of us should move because a parent refuses to discipline their child. When we travel together, we have to respect each other and people fail to do this on a daily basis.

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