STM drivers don T-shirts in protest, call for better security \ Montreal Gazette

STM drivers don T-shirts in protest, call for better security


This makes me very mad and sad all at once. It is sad that,  as a society, we need to be reminded that violence is never acceptable and not the answer when one is dissatisfied with the service they have received.

Yes, some bus drivers aren’t the ray of sunshine we want them to be and some of them can be real jerks but the following are never an appropriate action or reaction

– spitting on someone (how degrading is that?)
– verbal abuse (I have heard a passenger call a bus driver the “n” word — all this because the bus was late and passenger was annoyed about it; passenger did not take into account that there was a snow storm and a bus missing)
– physical assault

Is this the kind of world we want to live in? I hope not, because if it is, we are screwed beyond belief.


And this folks, was my 200th post. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and following.  This place has such wonderful people, talent, creativity and support.


10 thoughts on “STM drivers don T-shirts in protest, call for better security \ Montreal Gazette

    • Thank you. I am ashamed to be a human being some days when I witness stuff like that. Since when is the bus being late a reason for assaulting someone whether it be verbally or physically ? As I said some are jerks, but that is no reason to resorting to assault.

  1. In my public transit neighborhood, the published schedules guarantee failure. It’s the drivers who get the undeserved crap for it.

    • Same here. People need to realize to most of the tardiness is out of the drivers’ control : traffic, bus missing, people running late for the bus and driver waiting for them, accidents, etc. Sometimes, I don’t blame them for being cranky.

  2. I’m surprised they don’t have cameras. Our have cameras facing the door, the fare box and driver and out onto the passenger area.

    I hope they get the features they need to be safe. And it is sad that people verbally pr threaten physical abuse the drivers for no fault of their own. Those idiots should be banned from public transit.

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