Line Cutters

I swear, I am getting sick of them. The line for the bus was 2 deep and this woman just saunters to the front of the line where two of her friends were. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that once the bus pulled up, she was going to go towards the back of the line, but no.

The next time I hear an older person complaining that young kids have no manners, I’ll show them my blog posts about older people behaving badly. Of late, they are winning hands down.

Line cutter 2013 09 04


4 thoughts on “Line Cutters

  1. I can’t stand line-cutters. Do they think we have no place to be? That whatever rush they are in is more important than ours? They should have timed their arrival better if they need to cut the line in order to get where they need to go.

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