They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !

Students with backpacks and no manners. Ugh!!

How hard is it to take the damn thing off your shoulder and put it at your feet? I mean, really?


I particularly loved this one right in my face !



21 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !

  1. This new generation SUCKS! 🙂 good luck. Maybe you can tell them that Justin Bieber is on the corner and they will all get off and leave you in peace !

  2. I like to run them over… shove their packs out of my face.

    “My face isn’t your bookshelf. Kthxbye.”

    Or explain air displacement and size differential. The blank stares are PRICELESS!

    They are in school aren’t they? Have they had basic physics? Ever played Tetris?

  3. Have you ever had someone approach you and say “Why you taking pictures of me”
    You are good!

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