Focus on food: Weekly Photo Challenge

Here is my second entry from the challenge that can be found here:

Inspired by one of the peeps I follow on Twitter (@CulturedAthelete)) and his food posts from the past weeks.

I have to admit that when I go to Europe, I do eat without restraint. But the way I see it, I walk about 7 hours a day, so I can do it 🙂

Yummy pastries, Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany (17)
Cologne, Germany (23)

Ham and cheese pancake, Cologne, Germany
Delicious Cheese & Ham Pancake, Cologne, Germany

Nutella & whipped cream on a Waffle, Brussels, Belgium (this was to die for)
Brussels, Belgium (6)

Frites, Brugge, Belgium
Yummy Friet Museum, Brugge, Belgium

Pasteis de Nata, Lisbon, Portugal
Yummy Pasteis de Nata e Cafe Lisbon

Shrimps, Sevilla, Spain
mmmm Sevilla

Camarones Tortillas, Granada, Spain
Camarones Tortilla Granada

Churros con chocolate caliente, Madrid, Spain. If you go to Madrid, you must simply go have this delight at Chocolateria de San Gines
Mmm churros & hot chocolate  Chocolateria  de San Gines

More on focus:


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