You can ring my bell

Can someone please explain to me why someone would ring the bell when the bus is approaching the terminus? The next stop is the last stop, there is no need to ring the freaking bell. I don’t know why but it just creams my corn.


16 thoughts on “You can ring my bell

  1. ocd person who feels the extreme need to ring it for each stop, regardless if it is the end of the line or not? someone pretending they are the driver and has actual power on the bus because they don’t have any in their actual life? someone like that person who tells the same joke over and over still thinking people find it funny? a few possibilities –

  2. True story: on the bus today, someone rang the bell, and the driver – driven to distraction no doubt – asked the person “Why do you pull the cord every day when you always get off at the exact same stop and you know that I always stop there for you?” The passenger then replied that pulling the buzzer cord is an amenity that is included in the bus fare they pay, and so they were getting their money’s worth by buzzing their stop. Lol lol

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