I present to you : The Schmoopies

I posted about these two recently. https://thatmontrealgirl.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/schmoopie-2/


They were on the subway this morning and in top form I might add.

The one on the right put his arm around schmoopie 1 and then schmoopie 1 proceeded to start kissing schmoopie 2’s shoulder. Now, if that was not bad enough, Schmoopie 1 one took schmoopie 2’s hand that was on his shoulder and started kissing schmoopie 2’s it over and over again. I won’t even mention the slurping noises, knowing glances and on and off kissing.

I kept waiting for this music to start :

I decided I need to memorize the following prayer and repeat it over and over again on the subway.(in my head obviously)



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