When did strollers become the size of a small car? I swear this one was bigger than the Smart Car.


This one took up the whole lane on the bus so no one could move around or to the back of the bus.


22 thoughts on “Strollers

  1. I’ve been seeing twin strollers taking over lately, one slot for kids and the other for cargo. They’ll be motorized soon!

  2. My pet peeve is when three or more people take up an entire sidewalk as they walk while chatting. They usually are oblivious to the fact that everyone needs to move out of their way or step onto the roadway to pass them. I stop on the sidewalk and force them to walk around me.

      • It is sad that many have lost their manners and courtesy. It’s getting worse, not better. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been smacked in the head by someone’s knapsack on the bus.

  3. We had one for Courtney my oldest Daughter, a present from my Aunt. 3 wheel number. Honest, I have a big saloon sport car and I could not get this in the boot. I could get 5 sets of golf clubs or everything you can EVER need for a football team in the boot. Not this buggy/stroller though.. We couldn’t take it anywhere, even with her in it, walking down the lane in a shop it felt we were taking up half the walkway 🙂

    I agree!

  4. Urgh one of my peeves! The route I take has a lot of low income housing so there’s a lot of single mums fitting strollers on my bus, especially after work on the day care run. I’ve seen up to 4 on the bus at the same time and it’s ridiculous. They used to make people fold up the strollers but they don’t anymore. I don’t know why they don’t at least fold up one of the seats that makes room for a wheelchair if there’s more than one stroller, it would at least make a little more room.

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